Bojan Ivanovski Jobby began his musical education at the Music School "Josip Slavenski" in Belgrade, where he finished high school in class of prof. Nenad Kondic. He passed the entrance exam at the "Royal College of Music" in London and the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in the class of prof. Vere Ogrizović and continued specialization in Italy "Francisco Tarrega" Academy with prof. Paolo Pergoraro. So far, he participated in numerous competitions at home and abroad, and he was very successfull. He won over 20 first prizes. As a musician, his the most important prize is laureate in the international competition for all musical instruments "ITHAKA 2007" Ljubljana, among over 100 candidates from all instrumental sections. In the past 10 years of professional work as a studio musician, where playing and studying the different styles of the electric guitar, he was is inspired to make the project "A Whole New World" where on live performances he combines classical, jazz and rock style of guitar playing.

"A Whole New World"

Bojan Ivanovski Jobby is one of the most versatile guitarist who began his career as a classical guitarist, where technical guitar playing brought to perfection. After specialization in classical music in Italy with professor Paolo Pergoraro, he returned to Belgrade and started working as a studio musician where he mastered music styles such as rock, pop, ethno, blues, funk and metal. After the cooperation with the largest domestic pop-rock stars, he decided to make author project "A Whole New World", which will allow him special communication with the audience, playing at various festivals and stages, collaboration with top musicians and further creative development.
"A Whole New World" is a completely new concept of the guitar concert. Classical, jazz, ethno and rock guitar styles are the foundation of this project. This concert provides the ultimate interpretation of the different styles, which can be carried out only versatile and highly educated guitarist. Repertoire for the concert is a fusion of the various styles - the crucial classical works of Bach and Paganini, then jazz standards, ethno composition, and rock section is performed with special guests. As Bojan Ivanovski was young guitarists once, who was looking for developed in a variety of styles, with this concept he wants to inspire young musicians to study the different genres of music, because in this way they can open up new horizons and constantly progressing. His cooperation with many famous pop-rock artists from the local music scene brought him invaluable experience and inspiration to go into his own project.